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In Wonderland is a beautiful and beguiling tale - Jack Thorne (Wonder, This is England, Electric Dreams)

Directed by Christopher Haydon, written by Iona Firouzabadi and produced by Daisy Cooper, In Wonderland is presented by Film London and Southern Exposure Film Fund. 

The film begins and ends in the same place and time – on a beach where Alice has come to reflect on her relationship with Michael. It’s both the story of that one moment and the story of their whole relationship, seen through the shifting sands of Alice’s memory. The beach is where she and Michael first met, and we loop back to that encounter then reel forward through time - to their first date, to moving in together, to trying to start a family. Set between Alice and Michael’s home and the wild beach, we see Alice’s memories impact on each other and merge. In Wonderland has a compelling and distinctive female character in the lead – and we journey with her through her experience of ten years.

Shot on location in London and Kent.

Arthur Darvill, Louise Brealey (l-r) 2. In Wonderland. Dir Christopher Haydon. c. Iona Firouzabadi 2017.jpg